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Three Day Discource On Sahih Al Bukhari
Three Day Discource On Sahih Al Bukhari
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Dawra saheh al-Bukhari DVD (5 DVD Set, Urdu)
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Three Day Discource On Sahih Al Bukhari

The 3 day discourse on Al Sahih Al Bukhari by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in Ghamkol Sharif Mosque, Birmingham, UK. This is set of 5 DVDs with one dars on each. It is Urdu only course/dars

Day 1: Dars 1 | Duration: 4hrs 15mins

  • 8 methods of conveying traditions- Sima, Qira?ah, Tahdees etc
  • Importance of Isnad
  • ?Isnad? i.e. personalities ?are deen??Muqadama Sahih Muslim
  • 9080 hadiths in Sahahi-ulBukhari, 2513 without repetitions.
  • 90,000 people did sima of hadith from Imam Bukhari
  • ?I have 100,000 Sahih hadith?,? Imam Bukhari
Day 2: Dars 2 | Duration: 4hrs 35mins
  • Concept of Niyyah
  • Dreams. Pious dreams are 1/46 of nabuwwah
  • Love of Allah SWT and his Prophet SAW is one love
  • Tasawwuf/Ihsan
  • Concept of Biddah
Day 2: Dars 3 | Duration: 4hrs
  • Discretion/ ikhtiyar of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW
  • The Holy Prophet SAW is the distributor of all blessings of Allah SWT
  • Only one question in the grave according to Sahih-ul-Bukhari
  • Prophet SAW will not be physically present in the graves of people during questioning
  • Knowledge of the Unseen of the Prophet SAW
Day 3: Dars 4 Duration: 5hrs 5mins
  • A Prophet has discretion of whether to die or not
  • Prophet SAW did not perform wazu after waking from sleep to pray
  • Dreams of Prophets are wahy/revelation
  • Singing with music permissible i.e. Qawali/ sima
  • 36 Sahabi were singers of nasheeds in praise of the Prophet SAW
  • Tawassal through Prophet during his earthly life and after
  • ?Only allowed to travel to three mosques? explained
Day 3: Dars 5 | Duration: 1hr 50mins
  • Concept of Qiyam
  • Prophets give permission to angel to extract ruh
  • Prophet SAW gave assurance that ummah will not do shirk
  • Sacrificing animals for ithal thawab permissible
  • Prophet SAW not like any other human
  • Awliya will take followers to heaven

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